Testimonials & Portfolio

Here at The Pointed Hat we love making magick and helping those who come to us in our own witchy ways. Below we have gathered some generous and kind words shared from a few of our wonderful customers, patrons, and parishioners. We thank each and every one of you all again! Blessings!


*A portfolio of our enchanting personal witchy works and conjurings for our lovely customers is being added soon! You’ll be able to peek at some of the magick with make and the enchantment for yourself!.*


“Never had a bad experience, if you love magic and you’re good people, you’ll love this store!” ~ M

“The Pointed Hat was a great little gem. High quality products and you feel at home the moment you walk in. They even told us of similar places nearby that they didn’t have to do but it saved us from having to search. We would definitely come back again. Thank you.” ~ Joshua

“Charlie and Carol are some of the sweetest most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. An instant feeling of connection and family the moment you walk in the door. I went in for knowledge and left feeling renewed and like part of a community. From information to spiritual guidance, I highly recommend a visit to everyone.” ~ Emily

“Greatness goes into and comes out of this wonderful space!” ~ Brittany

“Friendly knowledgeable people with wonderful products that have worked really well for me. I highly recommend The Pointed Hat for all your spiritual needs. Also do yourselves a favor and participate in one of their many community minded activities. They are warm and welcoming. You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Kim

“I am so in love with this shop! Charlie is very informative in a very friendly way I’ve been in many other shops and spoken down to, I also love that they are all about actually necessities this shop is a breath of fresh air for me and I can’t wait to see what it may hold for me in the future! Oh and can’t forget the altar that’s open to everyone (as long as it’s not already in use) what a fantastic idea for worship!” ~ Jessica

“What a wonderfully energized place. I visited today and I am so glad I did. I feel lighter than I did before I walked in. I plan more visits in the future. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.” ~ Stephanie

“Charles was a kind warm and most importantly deeply intuitive. I was completely blown away at his ability to deliver the message of the Tarot. Thank you for reading. It was wonderful and insightful.” ~ A

“Thank you Charlie you’re amazing. You made me feel like you and I have known each other for many years and a hug at the end was a special touch.” ~ Deb