Meet the Witches!

Come sit a spell and meet our “wicked” witches and familiars…



Priest Charles is one of the co-owners, shop managers, and the founder of The Pointed Hat. He has spoken with spirits since childhood and tries to heal those on both sides of the Veil. He has also been a professional Tarot/Intuitive and Medium reader for over 13 years. He has read at 2 other Pagan shops and since he has opened The Pointed Hat, with rave reviews and a large local following for his intuitive and medium gifts and readings. Priest Charles was ordained by the Universal Life Church on May 11th, 2010.

“I was always different as a child. I knew I saw, felt, and could do things not everyone did. Once I knew what a witch truly was I knew I was one. A witch. A wizard. A shaman. When I truly embraced it for the first time around 17 years ago I felt so alive and connected to the magick of this world. My path since then has shown me so many wondrous things and blessed me with magick, growth, healing, and more. Accepting who you are is a sacred and beautiful process; don’t rush it and find ways to cherish every minute of it. Let me help you find your magick my darlings! ;-)”


Priestess Carol has known and been best friends with Priest Charles for almost 20 years, and has joined The Pointed Hat as co-owner, co-manager, psychic, and priestess about 3 years ago. Though raised Roman Catholic and pious in her beliefs, she has always been referred to as a “moon” child and been known to have curious relationships and even conversations with what she now believes to be fairies and spiritual “imaginary friends”. Our resident mermaid, since becoming a Witch and an eclectic Wiccan over 15 years ago, she has always wanted to help people heal and connect to their own spirit, and does her best to do so whenever she’s within the walls of the shop. Priestess Carol was ordained by the Universal Life Church in September of 2014. Priestess Carol has recently started professionally reading for the public and has already used her deep empathic gifts to give excellent readings, as well as specializing in doing amazing healings, meditations, chakra balancings, and magick for the last 3 years.

“Magick to me, starts with a deep and strong connection to Nature. It is realizing and strengthening that relationship with the Earth and using the energy and power around and within you to change your life and heal yourself. Because Pagans believe in things we cannot physically see and that we are all connected, it’s simply about harnessing that essence and changing our situations through magickal and mundane actions and thoughts. As a Priestess to the Goddess Hecate and through working regularly with similar Dark Gods and Goddesses, I have learned magick has no black or white, simply the gray area that holds all good and bad intentions- the balance that holds this universe and all of us together. Magick can have all the pomp and circumstance of ritual- candles, incense, herbs, etc. But I believe that a simple, honest prayer or a joyous moment with a loved one or animal companion is also magick. It is a blessing, because it’s a belief system that creates a lifestyle that heals us and can help us heal and love others.”