Priest and Priestess Services

*All services by appointment only. $ Amounts Reflect Suggested Minimum Donation. Sliding scale for those in need available for specified services. For services not specified, with situations of dire need, we will use donations from our parishioners if available.*

Healings: $20/Sliding Scale (30 minutes approx.)

Use this alternative and spiritual medicine along with traditional medical and psychological treatments to alleviate pain, illness, and mental and emotional disorder by channeling energy to create healing and comfort, positivity, flow, and balance.

Spiritual Counseling: $20/Sliding Scale (45 minutes approx.)

We are here to listen and help give an open minded energy to helping you find your inner balance and understanding your soul. We will give you informal counsel and comfort you when you’re feeling burdened.

Spiritual Cleansings and Blessings: $20/Sliding Scale (30 minutes approx.)

We use the rituals of cleansing and blessing the individual or an item or tool with empowered herbs, oils, and water and channeling energy, spirit, and the elements. It’s like a house cleansing just for you!

House Blessings and Cleansings: $30/$45/$60.  ( 90 minutes approx.)

We use cleansing and blessing rituals to clear negative, harmful, and or built-up energies in your home, business, and or property and restore the area to peace and calm. Consultation can be in-person or over the phone to discuss the energies and or situations present in the location.

Ask for pricing and timing details. Price is determined by location, situation, home size, and severity of problem.

Handfastings and Wedding Ceremonies: $45.00 and up. Multiple consultations may be required. Ask for details.

We celebrate love and perform the rites and rituals of handfasting or Pagan style weddings for those in the community who follow The Old Ways.

Wiccanings: $40.00 and up. Multiple consultations may be required. Ask for details.

We gather in love and joy to welcome and bless a new child into this world and on their spiritual path. We ask the blessings of ancestors and spirits to guide and protect the child throughout life.

Dedications and Initiations: $40.00 or more. Ask about more details.

We help you come home to the God and the Goddess with a beautiful spiritual ceremony and ritual.

Mystical and Spiritual Training: Donation amount will be based on individual, schedule, need, and situation; sliding scale is available for situations of dire need (provided by donations from our parishioners if necessary and available.)

If you seek more advanced training in connecting with your spirit or in working with magick and the mystical we have skills to help.

Parting of Ways: $20.00/Sliding Scale

If you end your handfasting on decent terms, a parting of ways ritual helps to bring closure and peace after the end of this close relationship.

Funeral and Crossing Ceremonies : $20.00/Sliding Scale

We help you honor those who are crossing into Summerland and through the Veil with personal and meaningful rituals and rites.

If you’re wondering why we ask for donations for spiritual services, it’s because we operate much like a mainstream temple or church. Our shop takes care of the expenses for the retail space, but our temple space is our church, and churches do not make business transactions. Donations are given to us to keep our temple open and operational, and to keep this sacred space clean and stocked for our community members. Blessed Be! )0(