Events at the Hat and Temple

Take a peek around the event calendar section, sign up for our e-mailing list here on our website, or subscribe to our events on Facebook to always be in the loop. Please also feel free to stop by the shop to pick up a copy of This Witch’s Month and see aboot the specific events that you would like to attend in person. You can also click the link below to download your own electronic copy of the This Witch’s Month calendar.

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Check out our This Witch’s Month calendar for August!

And Coming Soon… our This Temple’s Month! All the events and circles happening at our new community center will published monthly in this calendar!

Please note: There will be no weekly events or rotating classes while we focus on the paperwork process for becoming a non profit religious temple and recreating our original 13 W. Main location into the new temple and community space. Thanks for understanding!

Weekly/Monthly Events:

Sunday Circle and Brunch: The Pointed Hat family invites you to join us for our prayer circle and brunch! Every other Sunday we host a lovely open prayer and healing session. Gather round and let us pray together and work magicks of healing and more for ourselves, each other, and our community at large. We’ll ground and center after raising all those wonderful energies and enjoy a wonderful potluck brunch made and brought with love by everyone attending. 

Mystical Monday: Every other week we will be hosting guided meditations, group discussions on various topics, spell crafting circles, craft nights, workshops, open healing and prayer circles, and more starting at 7:00pm. * These events are not held during the colder months.*

Rotating Tuesday & Thursday night Classes & Workshops: Check out our weekly rotating classes starting at 7:00pm every Tuesday & Thursday nights. You can also book classes as individual sessions or for a group or party. Come in to learn and grow your spiritual practice with us! Ask us how to sign up for a class or workshop today!

***All of our classes and workshops have 101, 102, & 103 levels to study; it is important to us that you fully understand and feel comfortable and confident in the materials we teach, which can take more than one session. So if you’re new to the topic try the 101 class, if you understand the topic and want to go further our 102 and 103 classes are just the thing.

Wacky Witch Wednesday: Gather round and join us for our Wacky Witch Wednesdays, where we come together to learn new magick, enchantments, and or spiritual knowledge with workshops and circles, or watch a great movie while we conjure up some magickal arts, crafts, and charms!

Open Circles and Meditations: Come join us as we honor the turning of The Wheel of the Year, the Esbats, and more! Come to practice your faith or find out more. Come to connect or raise energies with the meditations. As long as you come with open heart and open mind all are welcome! We normally suggest a monetary donation per person, towards the Temple used for maintenance of the sacred space as well as supplies like candles, incense, décor, bundles of firewood, lighters, herbs, and oils and food, beverages, and sweet treats for cakes and ale or feast.

Seasonal /Special Events

Channeling Sessions: The practice of channeling- a person’s body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication- has been around for millennia. There are countless stories of shamans, witch doctors, prophets and others who have and hear voices or receive some insights and knowledge from the spirit world. Being able to receive this kind of guidance is a medium type of skill and gift.

Bonfires: We’re gathering in the woods round a fire; casting and conjuring all night long… Come cast some spells, raise energies, invoke, or just commune with nature and with like-minded people in a safe wooded area. Informal fun and magick.

Drumming Circles: Come sit or dance around the fire. Sing, drum, dance, do some trance work and just have a wonderful time. Feel free to bring drums and or other instruments. Singing is always welcomed.

Graveyard & Nature Walks: Join us for a haunting and educational walk in local cemeteries and nature spots where we will discuss local ghosts, spirits, legends, and folklore all while taking a moonlit stroll. Also feel free to bring offerings (incense, food, drinks) for the spirits to thank them for interacting with us.

Come Sit A Spell!!!!If you’re looking for more information on these events and how to attend them please take a look at the event or events here on our website or on Facebook. You can subscribe to our events on Facebook and always see them. *If you have any questions please e-mail (, message, call (845-672-3050), or stop by the temple/shop. Blessings and magick!